Hi mummies , I am currently using nan Ha Pro stage 1 for LO. Thinking if I shld change to similac the green tin or still with nan ha pro stage 2. Any advise and review for similac ? Thank you

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hmmm yes to echo Wendy's advice, is there any reason for changing brand? If it's working for you, generally stick to the same brand, unless you wan to try something new haha. Im not a similac customer, but my friends who use it on their kid seem to be doing alright!

Is there a reason that you are thinking about changing? I've been on Similac from Stage 1 - Stage 4 now. So far, no issues for my daughter and is also the main reason why I stuck to the same brand.

5y ago

Which similac u bought for stage 2? The pink total comfort in or the green Colour tin ?