to get electric breastpump or manual?

hi mummies, i am already 28weeks as of now still slowly getting baby's stuffs + also stuffs for myself. however i am still at lost on whether to get Electric pump or manual pump like Haakaa etc.. how did you mummies decide? and if you chose electric over manual, would you spend more on it despite not knowing if you're going to breastfeed exclusively or if you have enough milk to supply?

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I personally find that the electric pump is a lifesaver:) many pumps now have different settings to allow varying strengths of pumping, and there’s a suckling mode (different brands call it different things) that simulates your baby suckling and so brings about a let down reflex quite well.

I bought the manual Haaka first and used it for the first few days after delivery. Eventually bought the electric pump (Spectra S1) after seeing that my breasts will leak during feeding and engorged frequently, hence the need to pump more.

I bought mine from shopee !! It’s very affordable and it’s called ‘real bubbee.’ You can search up on YouTube about the real bubbee electric pumps.

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i saw a few reviews regarding the brand too! how was it on you? i heard the suction is quite strong that its painful.

Haakaa is not really a pump. It’s more like a milk collector that’s useful for u to collect the let down when u’re nursing.


I got both electric and haakaa. haakaa is useful when nursing collect the leak side. I pump during day and nurse during night.

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spectra s1 electric breast pump is recommended

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Electric pump, twin

Elctric twin pump