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Mummies how many times in a day will u all shower ur lo... My cutie is 17mth ++ ( Use to be like afternoon once n night before she sleeps once but now I feel showering her once she had her breakfast will also a choice so total 3 times in a day)

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Morning and night definitely will bathe. During the day, if too hot will bathe or wipe down too.

One to two times a day should be fine as more than that might lead to catching cold as well

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Actually once a day only.. haha. I feel that showering my LO too much dries her skin quickly.

4y ago

Oohhh kk ;) Mine is superb active n her hair is very thick so she tends to sweat fast so no choice gotta bath her frequent

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I shower my 16 months girl 2 times and 3 times if it's hot

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Bathe in noon after the lunch , wipe down evening

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two times but if its a hot, three times

One wipe down and one bathe

Me one days three times...