Csect aftercare

Hi mummies. how long did it take for yall to stop experiencing pain when walking or just leaving the bed after csection? im at my 8th day and still experiencing some pain and ive run out of painkillers provided frm the hosp. does anyone know if we can request for more painkillers frm the hosp since the nxt appt is only after 6 weeks? really feeling down about recovery time..

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hello mummy, am abt 2 weeks pp and my wound isnt that painful anymore. stopped painkillers on day 09-10. perhaps it was because i had my binders on (even when sleeping). do you currently use binder? it helps by keeping the c-section wound “intact” and not moving around!

I was told by a friend that it would take about a month to recover. I am about 2 weeks pp and would still feel tender around the wound when getting up from the bed or chair. My doctor did say that can take paracetamol for pain relief if needed.

Hi! I was free from pain around 10 days pp? What I did was eat the polleney fish essence everyday for a month which actually would help with the healing especially the wound inside. Now 1 month pp, I can start exercising already!

I’m 2 weeks pp, and I only started to feel better like 2 days ago (without painkillers and belly binder). I’m still very careful when moving around, especially when I’m standing up from sitting for a long time.