37 weeks sciatica like pain

i dont know if it is sciatica but whenever i change positions in bed or when im getting up, laying to sitting to standing or just sitting to standing theres this electric shock kinda zap or pain right around my lower right back to the bottom of my butt. its really painful. im 37 weeks pregnant now and im just done. does this go away immediately after csection? i have 3 more days but this alrdy feels sooo bad. i cant do much. doctor cant so much. it hurts so bad. what did yall do to overcome the pain? i have a toddler to care for the next 3 days 😫

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Sounds like SI joint pain not sciatica. Due to hormones making the ligament at SI joint loose and ready for childbirth and so the joint is unstable. Mine resolved after childbirth. Belly band can help reduce movement at the joint (that’s what my friend did). My SI joint pain got better after asking my husband to massage my glutes (the muscles surrounding the SI joint) every night.

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I have them throughout both pregnancies but not as much. Monitor your sitting/ laying down positions and cushioning is important too. Stretching exercises also helps ease the pain.