Should i go to the doctor?

Hi! Im currently 8 weeks pregnant and recently been having some lower back pain/pelvic pain. It hurts when i sit too long or walk too much. It especially hurts last two days where i had a hard time to even sit or stand up . It gets better now but im still worried. Been reading too much about the negative effect of it, and im wondering if i should just go to the doctor to have a check. Ive got no bleeding or fever/chills. Just lower back/pelvic pain and nauseous (since week 6). Can someone enlighten me on this. Ive no one to talk about this to, and im honestly feeling very worried about it.

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it’s quite normal as baby is growing, if you are worried about it just check with your gynae :) as long as no bleeding, all should be well. just talk to ur gynae about it!