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Hi Mummies! I wonder if any of you also experiencing sharp pain deep inside around uterus area (lower abdomen) after c-sect? The pain came when you wanna poop or when there’s gas to fart.. Something like menses pain but very sharp and painful type (pain score when attack is like 10/10) Any recommendations how you get it cured? As of now, my gynae said there’s nothing went wrong during surgery and ultrasound also look okay. Hence she told me to take painkillers. But whenever e painkillers effects gone, I will suffer from it. Which I doubt constantly taking painkiller is a solution for me. Btw, this is my second c-sect. Thank you! #pleasehelp

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Hi dear! Yup I experienced it and I had my second c sect too. I brought it up during my visit to my gynae and he said that it's normal as some people had super sensitive nerve and it takes time for recovery. He suggested the same to take painkillers which I continue on off. it's much better on my third month of recovery.

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