Large fibroid pain

Hi mummies. Anyone with large fibroids during pregnancy? Mine is 10cm. I was given painkillers by gynae. It really hurts when I walk and move and try to sleep. Anyone with similar experience? Can share how long did the pain last for you guys?

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i have two large fibroids and they grew upto 12cm each. Went through fibroid degeneration at 15 weeks. Damn painful..i was unable to walk and move. Doc prescribed painkillers and gave 5 days HL. Pain lasted about 3 days. But it doesnt really go away. I've been experiencing fibroid pain intermittently since then throughout my pregnancy. I'm on my 36th week now.

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2y ago

Hi dear what painkiller did your gynae give you? Mine gave me tramadol. I trying not to take too much. But I’m on my 3rd day now still very painful 🥲