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Mummies, how do you know when you can resume normal exercise regime (including ab work)? I have ab separation and have been doing post natal pilates and barre classes and avoiding ab work. But I don’t know how long it takes before I can resume normal classes rather than postnatal classes. I’m 4 months pp now. And for those who says gynae to advise, my gynae does not advise; she didn’t even help me check for ab separation and said I can easily check it myself. Dying to get fit again.

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Hi Rach, ab work is not recommended but you can visit Orchard Clinic to fix the separation, or if you're managing it on your own, here are some do's and don'ts:

The trainers at breathe Pilates helped me check for an separation when I went there for post natal Pilates. Maybe you can check with your Pilates instructor.

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If you have this condition, unfortunately you should not be doing any ab work at all.. it’ll make it worse :(

2y ago

Wow you’re so lucky!!!

Thanks for the information.