Gynae choice - subsidize (KKH or NUH?)

Hi mummies. Just hoping to get some reviews that under subsidize category, is KKH or NUH better? Hope you can share your experience with me. Thank you

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Go NUH or KKH dear. Trust me a nurse I worked in KKH before and unfortunately since they are the women and children specialists, I have found friends who have said that even though some of the specialist are great, the service is bad. Because they specialize in the area, I found the staff and the doctors can become complacent. Don't get me wrong there is a few good staff but that is rare

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I think doesn’t matter which if you’re subsidised as the gynae cannot be chosen, u get whoever u’re on duty when you go for appt that day. But u can choose based on hospital environment, location, ward design, and probably, service of the nursing staff.

Went for private initially but eventually switched to KKH. In all honesty, if you are not fuss about needing a fixed gynae throughout your pregnancy, KKH is good enough. If you need a specific gynae throughout, NUH might be a better option.

am under NUH subsidise...waiting period can be long, yes will always have a student or 2 even 3 understudy...but i dont mind, cos sub (read: cheaper) cant complain right..also pick NUH just cause its nearer to home 😉

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I'm under kkh subsidised, so far so good. Sometimes there are trainee docs/fresh grads that are a hit or miss, but can ask more questions the other visits with the more senior consultants

KKH better because NUH too many students doctors in the same room during consultation/check up, after all NUH is a tertiary hospital (Subsidised class).

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ive been for both and both r okay for me. quite the same. but waiting time for KKH is so longgggg.

I will choose NUH because so far my experience there with the nurses and staff are great.

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Generally NUH gyane are good. Waiting time is longer than private

I thk is depend which gynae u feel comfortable with