hi mummies have so much hair fall. is it normal? I am 22 weeks pregnant

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Yup dear I had mine so terrible till I was so scared to even comb my hair so much of hair fall till I cried saying to my hubby I am balding n I cut my hair short but after my delivery all was well again n my baby hair grew back n my hair loss problem jst wnt away by itself I wil say it is a phrase of pregnancy but will recover soon :?

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There are some mummies who experience alot of hairfall during pregnancy which has a few reasons for it. It can be due to stress from the hormone imbalance, or lack of nutrition etc. It is important to discuss with your gynae of any concern or issue. So they can advice you further.

i experience this in my first trim... i use coconut shampoo and hair tonic... the hairfall stop at my second trim... im currently 22 weeks now..

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bka po stress ka kasi ako d nmn ngka hairfall. In fact, medyo naging thick nga buhok ko 😊 avoid being stressed po mommy

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Perfectly normal, especially during confinement. Do use a good shampoo and maintain a clean scalp at all times

I am experiencing this, too! Everysince I got preggy. Sobrang nipis na. Ang taas na nga ng hairline ko 😔

My hair fall was at its worst when bb is 4 months old. I use hair fall shampoo & hair tonic. Now growing well!

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I see! so taking supplements dont help much either. hope you had the well needed rest, change your hairstyle or wear a headband!

22 weeks here. normal hair fall lang naman. di naman malala. baka hormonal imbalance po sayo or stress.

ako din napansin ko dami nang nalalagas na buhok pag naliligo. need more nutrients ata para healthy.