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Hi mummies! My girl is already 18months,uses pacifier during bedtime only (thankgod) and is still taking bottle for FM only once a day now,trying to transit her (yay!) But for the meantime,mummies does your toddler still uses pacifier? If so may i know what brand to follow their age? As i don't see any pacifiers of their age in store😂 Also are your toddlers still using bottles for fm? If so, which brand? As for now my girl is using Avent,do comment down, thankyou 🥰

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Super Mum

You should wean off pacifier ideally by 1 year old since it could be bad for their teeth development. I've heard it's best to transition out of bottles as well if your toddler can use straw cup or open cup. But mine loves the bottle too much so I know it can be tough 😅 now she still takes a few bottles, medela or Dr brown.

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