Baby taking Pacifier?

Hi All, how many of your LO take pacifiers? If yes, at what age did they start? Mine is 7 weeks old, doesn't want pacifiers. Tried the round & even flat ones but he would suck for a few secs and then spit it out. Now, he does not even want to drink milk from the bottle. He is breastfed btw. Any experiences? TIA

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We gave our LO pacifier when he was about 6-7 weeks.. Heard that pacifier can help to reduce reflux.. When 1st introduced to him, he will spit out initially, but after a few tries, he slowly get used to it. He is 3 mths now, he will still spit out when he dun want it..

i introduced paci to my LO since discharged lol now shes 11weeks. at first when introduced she would spit it out. after some time, she got used to it. she still spits it out even now at 11weeks

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Both my kids refused pacifiers and bottles at that age. Had to do intensive bottle training, but we never offered pacifiers again. And they’ve been fine:)

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My first born did not like pacifier. My second used pacifier from 3 months till 11 years...


Both my kids dont seem to like pacifiers as well. I suppose it's a good thing👍

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Thanks.. yea, it would be good. But somehow he is always requesting for the nipple before he sleeps. So we tried giving pacifiers but doesn't work.

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My son didn't really like pacifier though we tried a few times.

From 2+ months, near 3 months