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Do mummies get back ache on and off almost 3 months after giving birth? Those kind of spine pain from the epidural.

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Yes will have back ache but it’s not due to epidural. It’s a myth. It’s because you have been carrying weight for the past 9 months and suddenly that weight is gone so it takes time for the spine to adjust back to pre pregnancy time.

Common but it should get better. Make sure your posture is correct whenever u do daily chores like washing clothes or when carrying baby. Especially when baby gets heavier, tendency to arch back when carrying is no-no.


Yes, I had a back pain as well. However, I felt it was due to the various changes my body gone through is a relatively short time.

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Yes I did experience the spine pain on and off, especially when bending down. But it gradually becomes better as time goes by.

I still having the pain and worst when it's rain. My baby just turn 9months.b Always need a massage to ease the extreme pain.

Just give birth abt 3 weeks ago. Sometimes have some back pain when bend down or sit down without back support.. hais.

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Yes, I do have back ache but not sure if it’s from epidural or improper posture when feeding baby.

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Yes, after giving birth to my 2nd baby. Lower back to be specific. And only when bending too long.

Yes.. Try to rest more and avoid carrying heavy load.. If need to practice proper posture

Hey, Yes it is common post pregnancy. But if pain persists then please consult doctor