Gestational Diabetes Results

Hi mummies. First time mommy to be here. Do you think i have gestational diabetes based on my OGTT results? Fasting: 5.1(mmol/L) 2 Hrs after glucose: 6.3(mmol/L) Normal Range: Fasting: >5.1 2 Hrs after glucose: >7.8 According to my gynae it’s a big YES I have GDM. This is my first pregnancy and I’m very worried! What are the actual normal reading range for OGTT test? I’ve read some are <5.5, some are <5.1 and some <5.0. Has any mommies had a similar reading as mine before? Or experienced GDM throughout pregnancy? So far I’ve also started monitoring with glucometer everyday for 4 times and my sugar level doesn’t exceed the target sugar level stated by my gynae. So abit confused, do I have GDM or not😅 #bantusharing #BantuSaya #ingintahu #pregnancy #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Tulis jawapan

A yes but your GDM is actually borderline. 5.1 during fasting is still considered GDM. So just need to watch out your diet from now okie. Less sugar and carbs for now

7mo ago

Yess definitely white rice and sugar is the culprit😂 actually during first trimester I was doing well, cause I had not much appetite to eat due to severe morning sickness but when 2nd trimester hit, It was a feeding frenzy haha so happy to hear that you’re good! Thanks dear 😘