Gestational Diabetes Results

Hi mummies. First time mommy to be here. Do you think i have gestational diabetes based on my OGTT results? Fasting: 5.1(mmol/L) 2 Hrs after glucose: 6.3(mmol/L) Normal Range: Fasting: >5.1 2 Hrs after glucose: >7.8 According to my gynae it’s a big YES I have GDM. This is my first pregnancy and I’m very worried! What are the actual normal reading range for OGTT test? I’ve read some are <5.5, some are <5.1 and some <5.0. Has any mommies had a similar reading as mine before? Or experienced GDM throughout pregnancy? So far I’ve also started monitoring with glucometer everyday for 4 times and my sugar level doesn’t exceed the target sugar level stated by my gynae. So abit confused, do I have GDM or not😅 #bantusharing #BantuSaya #ingintahu #pregnancy #pleasehelp #advicepls

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