Gestational Diabetes Results

Hi mummies. First time mommy to be here. Do you think i have gestational diabetes based on my OGTT results? Fasting: 5.1(mmol/L) 2 Hrs after glucose: 6.3(mmol/L) Normal Range: Fasting: >5.1 2 Hrs after glucose: >7.8 According to my gynae it’s a big YES I have GDM. This is my first pregnancy and I’m very worried! What are the actual normal reading range for OGTT test? I’ve read some are <5.5, some are <5.1 and some <5.0. Has any mommies had a similar reading as mine before? Or experienced GDM throughout pregnancy? So far I’ve also started monitoring with glucometer everyday for 4 times and my sugar level doesn’t exceed the target sugar level stated by my gynae. So abit confused, do I have GDM or not😅 #bantusharing #BantuSaya #ingintahu #pregnancy #pleasehelp #advicepls

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Tulis jawapan

Its a big YES u have GDM! Clearly stated there before & after 2 hours is high! Maybe urs still gdm border line n will go on diet only. If more than target sugar line, doctor need to on medication/ insulin.

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Thanks so much for your reply again 🤍 really appreciate you helping a newbie here. My checkups are usually at private clinic but will be going for my KK checkups soon to get their 2nd op on this. So far been keeping track of my sugar everyday, it seems to be normal. Not so fond of pricking my fingers everyday 4 times a day😂