How do you talk to your other half?

Hello mummies, This is my first pregnancy and truth to be told, unplanned. Honestly, I am stressed over this whole issue and we are not married either. He told me he will take full responsibility and is happy over the fact that I am pregnant even though it may seem to be the wrong time now, as much as it may sound assuring - I was trying to ask him to go with me to have a blood test/urine test in a clinic to confirm the pregnancy further (tested 2 kits - both were positive) and also to see how far we are into pregnancy. I did alittle research and say we can visit a gynae for ultra sound at a certain amount of weeks and we can hear the baby's heart beat which maybe in 2 - 3 weeks time, then again like I mentioned I don't exactly know how many weeks I am in. Thru this app and calculation from my last period - it says I am at 6 weeks. My first test stated I conceived to 2 - 3 weeks. I was told to relax and chill because he sees no point having to rush to confirm the pregnancy and would want to do the confirmation when we can do ultra sound as well as to save double trips/extra money for confirmation. How do I talk to my other half so that he could also understand my worries and stress from this and also should I go have my test to confirm my pregnancy ASAP or wait 2 - 3 more weeks till we find a gynae to visit for ultra sound for the confirmation? #pregnancy #advicepls

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Truth be told, your LMP could be inaccurate so don't be surprised when you have your ultrasound later, you are either earlier or later than 6 weeks. Also no point doing ultrasound now cos you either can see or cannot see. Really depends. Then it's a waste of money. And then you'll be more stress & worry cos cannot see fetus yet. Why not go to the polyclinic first to confirm your pregnancy? Then can start on taking folic acid. From there you'll be given a referral letter to your preferred hospital which will take roughly about 2-4 weeks for your 1st appointment as a subsidised patient. Normally gynae will only see you at your 8th week. Or walk-in to your preferred hospital. Of course by doing this, you will be counted as a private patient. I'm with your other half honestly. I rather be calm & relax than to give a negative impact to my pregnancy with the worries. Of course minus the not married.

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Yes, please do. It's not a waste of money by doing a confirmation and to start taking on folic acid which is very important for your fetus and to also wait for the referral. Costs you less than $30 if I can remember it right. Best is not to wait for him. You go alone then just show him the confirmation result of your pregnancy. Bring him along for all your hospital visits to let him know that growing a baby inside you is tough and having a baby is not cheap and he needs to be well prepared too.