Urine infection

Hi mummies, I was told by my gynae 3 weeks back that my urine has slight bacterial growth and there isn't a need to treat as I do not have any symptoms. But this morning, I went to the GP for abdominal pain. GP did urine test for me and was told I am having urine infection which I assumed was the untreated infection. He prescribed me with amoxicillin antibiotic which he mentioned is the safest for pregnancy. My questions; 1. Should I listen to my gynae? Or 2. Should I just continue taking the antibiotic given by the GP?

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Super Mum

When you saw your gynae, you had no symptoms. But now, the GP is treating your abdominal pain as urinary infection, hence the antibiotics was prescribed. Amoxicillin is safe in pregnancy. Both of them gave their advice based on your condition at each point in time. So you can take the antibiotics since you now have symptoms. Hope you get well soon:)

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If you’re worried, u can try to call ur gynae to confirm if the medicine prescribed is safe for u to take.