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i ate salmon but I dont know if its frozen before or not...will it cause miscarriage?

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Most of my colleagues did eat salmon (raw) sushi during their pregnancy and it’s fine. But for me I don’t dare to take the risk as it’s raw ultimately. If you are craving for salmon I think it’s best to eat it when it’s fully cooked. You may refer to this for further information which indicates which fishes are good for you and your LO in your womb. If there’s bleeding or feeling unwell etc go straight to your gynae.

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Do avoid anything raw from now on. Others may be ok with eating raw but it may not be the case for you so do avoid at all cost. If you scroll down below you'll see a 'related foods' segment about salmon. Read it. If you are not bleeding, no clots, no severe cramp then you'll be ok!

It had already happened, no use of blaming yourself or worrying! From now on I am sure you will be more careful. I am sure you and the baby will be fine.. don’t worry too much mama ❤️

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Miscarriage doesn’t happen as simple as eating something, especially if it’s just one time and the amount is minimal. The worst that can happen normally will be stomach upset first.

Don’t think it should be a problem if u didn’t eat a lot. Any pain or bleeding, pls go see your gynae