Raw Salmon Sushi

Hi, would like to ask that can I intake raw salmon on the 3rd trimester? #advicepls

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Hey Mama, I personally am ok with sashimi as long as it’s from a trusted source. I would avoid sashimi sold off the counter at supermarkets. Fresh is best. In fact, in Japan, raw fish is considered good for pregnant mums. Of course if you don’t want to risk it, then you’ll have to curb the craving till after baby is delivered. 😊

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As long as its from a respectable stall it's fine! Sashimi grade salmon has been treated (deep frozen certain hours) so as to kill the bacteria, so I think the ban on raw fish may have been overly cautious. I have craving for sushi and have been indulging - I assume my body knows best.

I took chirashi sushi minus tuna close to every week ,so far so good, gave birrh to a healthy baby boy

No.you are alrd in 3rd trimester and last lap of the pregnancy already. Just tahan abit more

its your last trimester better dont risk it. Dont eat anthing raw

No raw food during pregnancy.

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better not