Can I eat sushi? Those like aburi salmon? At 7 weeks and craving them 😞

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I'm 26 weeks now and i just had sashimi and sushi. At 24 weeks I had sashimi at Carousel buffet too. For me I don't eat excessively at one sitting. Its totally your choice at the end of the day. Of course you have everyone saying NO cos better be safe than sorry because hey, everything we do now has a risk right haha

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Saw pregnant influencer on IG eating raw uni at sushi restaurant, and eating yusheng with raw salmon. Also gave birth normally to healthy looking baby. But...husband still forbids me from eating raw/smoked/aburi salmon. 😅 I can only eat sushi with fully cooked ingredients.

Don’t judge me! But I still had sashimi and raw salmon in the poke bowl despite pregnancy - I’m at 32 weeks now. 80% of the time it will come back out anyways. I’ll advise against it though. 😅

you cn still eat sushi (cooked - california maki, Kani Maki....etc)but of controllable amount. raw foods best avoid first. and seek your OB for further clarifications. 12.03.21

wells.. i had sashimi a couple of times when i was pregnant, but in my defence i didn't know i was pregnant! 😅 baby's reaching 3 months soon and perfectly healthy!

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I had that in early trimester too. But later on im worried about hepAbc, flesh eating bacteria, salmonella... So now I'm only looking for fully cooked ones.

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Better consult to doctor if u have any doubt about food , mostly better to avoid raw food especially salmon or uncooked meat .. better not to take risks ..

I avoided it during the first tri. Had 2-3 times aburi sushi in the sec n third tri, gave birth and baby is healthy!

u can eat whatever you want, its your baby, not ours. If not eating it for 9 months wont kill u.. then dont eat?

better to avoid raw food. unless it's cooked. just to be safe 😜