Hi mummies, my child jus turned 1 yo and wanted to bring him for a swim. What should I prepare? Thanks.

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I bring swim diapers, spare clothes (for both you and bub) towels (I bring 2). If the pool you're going to doesn't have toys, some water toys might be fun too. She goes to an indoor pool so it's heated and she's protected from the sun!

Swim diapers Diapers Towel Spare clothing Milk I usually let baby wear his swim diapers, all ready walk to the pool. Let baby play for about 15 minutes then we will come out. Ill change him and give him milk.

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7y ago

Thanks mummy, how long can baby swim? Every 15mins interval for 1 hr? How about lotion or sun block? Need to apply anything before or after?

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Swimming diapers. Try to start off with 30 mins of swim time for a start. Once baby is done with swimming and washing up, give him a bottle of milk to warm themselves up

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Swim diapers, sunscreen for baby, snacks after the swim, drinking water, milk & a jacket to keep the baby warm after his bath

my 9 month old swims abt an hour every session. u can apply sun block but i always forget :X u may need a float too

7y ago

Thanks mummy. Can babies apply the same sunblock as us?

Sunblock, swim diapers, swimmers, float and you're off :)