I want to bring my LO who is 9mo to soak in the pool / swim. Where should I bring him to? Where can I get a float for him? Thanks!

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Hi you can bring him to public pools. But if you have frens staying in condos their pools will be good because less crowded. Or you may want to bring him for swimming lessons where the pool is thermal? You can try schools like Little Splashes or Little Swim School. If you bring baby to public pool it will be better to let him wear a thermal suit. I bought from the brand Konfidence. Helps to keep baby warm and this brand is so easy to wear. As for float I have tried those that clip around the neck and my gal hates it. It doesn't fit her neck too although the sizing is supposed to go up to 1yo. I finally bought the brand Swimtrainer http://www.pupsikstudio.com/swimtrainer-classic-red.html This is really good as it has shoulder straps and keeps the baby in a natural swimming position and is not uncomfortable like those neck float

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Agree with the above post. If you are going to bring baby to the public pools often, you might wanna buy a body swim suit for baby. These are furry on the inside and is quite tight so it limits the water going in and even if it does go in, the "fur" will help keep warm. I think baby is still young so anything like 20 - 30 min(if u have the body suit) should be more than enough already for them to play / soak. The flora can also get from Taobao. Just check the edges in contact with the baby that it is properly cautious and not sharp

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For babies less than 1 yo, u might want to consider letting them swim in thermal pool. There are also places to let babies learn or bond with parents like happy fish at http://www.swimminglessons.com.sg/infantaquatics.htm?gclid=CPfujvuq0s8CFRKVaAod2gcDZg, or little splashes. Otherwise, in normal pool, babies are best not soaked for more than 20 mins. Floats can be bought at jiffy palace, toyarus etc.

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We bought our floats from toys r us. You can also buy floats from Mothercare