baby only drink milk while sleeping.

My baby (Formula milk) doesn't want to drink milk when she is awake. We can only fed her by slowly removing her pacifier replace with milk bottle when she sleeping (not Everytime success). Have been 4 mths she behaves like this. She is turning 6 mths soon, only drink 500ml++ every day. Last time she can drink 130ml but now dun know why she easily choke by the milk end up can't finish the milk..cause her milk intake drop from 700ml to 500ml++ . Any mummy experience same?

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saw that is post is 2 years ago. I am having the exact same issue. how long does this last? my baby is going 3 months and recently she is like that also. so difficult to feed her when she is awake. she will be crying non stop

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Me.... i tried changing bottle and formula.. my LO prefer latching..from 2 month onwards suddenly no bottle.. now 6.5 month..still dream feeding most of the time..

4y ago

Try nan.. my lo ok with nan..

my son will be 6 months soon and he is experiencing exactly the same thing. He does not like milk and cries when we give him the bottle

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Could choking of the milk be caused by the bottle teats? Maybe the flow is too fast for the baby

4y ago

I am using Piegon M size teat since she was 3 mths old till now.. previously was ok...