Baby rejecting milk/bottle

My baby is 5+months now. She started rejecting milk/bottle since last 3 weeks. Whenever we tried to feed her milk she will fuss or cry. Or keep biting the milk bottle teat and not sucking it and fall asleep after that. Need to take very long to finish 120ml per feed. Sometimes she only drink less than 100ml. Tried dragging longer hours (4hours) before feeding but she seems to be not interested also. She can wait up till 6hours or more. She’s only drink 500+-600+ml a day. Checked with PD on her last check up why she’s acting this way but they did not give much response only say sometimes is like this. And her weight is only on the 25 percentile I’m afraid she’s not getting enough nutrients. Tried changing the teat and milk bottle brand but still the same. Not sure if it’s just a process. Anyone experience it before when baby is at this stage? Any idea what to do?

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My baby also the same since 3rd month to 6-7th month. Each time we went back to the PD for follow up her weight is dropping to the 5-10th percentile. Luckily now she’s drinking well and when she see the milk she’s happy. What I did last time was I resorted to coaxing her to sleep and feed her while she’s sleeping. That’s the only way to make her drink. We did ask the pd about her weight and drinking issue - which is also why she started solid early. So long as your baby weight is not falling below the minimum percentile, it’s fine. Anyway check if your baby is having teething now. My baby had her first tooth erupt close to 5th month, which is also why she’s not drinking.

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hi can I ask at which month did your baby start to drink well? my baby reject milk and we has been dream feeding since 2m+, now just turn 4th month. and what is the longest time she goes without drinking?