Red dots on baby's face

Hi Mummies, anyone can tell me what are these red dots on my baby's face? I have put this facial cream (see 2nd pic) but doesnt seem to work. Wonder if due to formula? I'm currently both bf & fm.

Red dots on baby's face
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Is he/she wearing mittens?if yes,it could be milk rash due to using his/her hands wearing mittens to touch the mouth thereafter the face causing e milk rash.Use a cotton ball/pad wet with a bit of cool boiled water to clean his/her lips/mouth after every feed so the milk residue will not be there when bb rubs the face with the mittens.if not better, see a pd

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It's a NB right? If yes, then it's baby acne. It's normal. It will go away by itself. Just use cool boiled water to clean. If looks imflammed you may want to consult a dermatologist. Could be eczema. My LO used to have baby acne and ecezema when she was 5 weeks old. Consulted a dermatologist. Gone in 10 days.

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Is better to check with the Dr. It may get worst if not attend to it. Do not use any cream until Dr. approval. My children having during the their newborn stages. Ended up giving steroids cream. Very strong cream & not advisable usages often.

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Newborn baby right? It is normal for newborn baby to have baby acne... My baby has that too. My PD told to put anything on the face as the baby acne will go off on its own. Just use water to clean will do.

Hmm, my baby had this and after seeing the doctor he advised not to do anything as it will go away and it did! Shes on bf and fm too! Although the california baby cream is good and highly recommend it!

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Looks like milk/heat rash. I wouldn’t apply any cream.. just wipe with a clean damp towel and let it dry. It should disappear within 2-3 days. Sometimes it goes away within the same day

Heat rash. Don't put cream. Always clean the face with clean handichief (don't reuse) always take a new wan or cotton wool. Can put powder. Weather hot don't cover baby so much.

I think its baby acne... How old is ur LO? Last time i used cetaphil as facial wash for him after 3 to 4 days can see that the acne is improving.

Hi, This looks like heat rash. Please have 100% cotton clothes for LO and have cool environment in the house for the LO

My baby was like that as well, I soak cotton ball into salt water and wipe on the red parts, there after wipe face with water

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Hope it helps!