Delivery under KKH subsidized route

Hi mummies, can anyone share their experience delivering in KKH via the subsidized route? I’m inclined to go on subsidized route, but friends and family have been persuading me to consider private instead. I was told in subsidized ward, the nurses won’t help as much and you will have to take care of baby yourself at times, is that true? Also was told husband won’t be able to stay in the ward with you or during birth?

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I would go with my budget rather than listening to others. Private or not, their experience may not be the same too. I gave birth at KKH via subsidised route and my experiences there were splendid! The nurses always do their rounds to check on you. KKH is pro breastfeeding so yes most times baby will be with you to feed. But again you can always tell the nurse to take baby back to the nursery so you can rest. Husband is only allowed to stay with you during your entire labour in the delivery room but not allowed to stay overnight in the ward unless of course you go via private route where you get your own room ward and hub can stay overnight with you.

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3y ago

Ok thank u 🙏🏼🙏🏼