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Hi mummies, I’m currently 21 weeks pregnant. I’m with KKH as of now (subsidized), and only intending to go under the private route with KKH in my third trimester as I’d like to opt for Ward A1. Was wondering if it will be too late by then? Also, I don’t exactly have any preferred gynae.

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Haha yes! Exactly the same plan as I have cos my main consideration is I need husband w me aft baby is born.. Hmm don't think it will be too late I hope, but I would book the A1 ward once I am offered a choice. I think some mummies mentioned tt we can book before birthing during one of the hosp routine checks. Need to pay down payment too. However, I read before tt regardless subsidised or private mums, if all A1 wards are taken when u admit, u still cannot go A1 ward even though u prebooked. Hope it helps or some mums who experienced it can jump in to correct me! (:

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I delivered in Nov 2021, might still be the same. I was only offered choice at the point of delivery, so when I registered at counter for delivery the receptionist went through the different ward packages and told me to choose.