Cost of RECENT Detailed Scan for Subsidized Route at KKH

Hi Mummies to be, anyone did recent 20 weeks detailed scan at KKH under SUBSIDIZED route? Can share the cost? Thank u in advance! ☺️

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Hold up. Not everyone will be billed the same. My 2 pregnancies are different amount for that detailed scan. Should be gender reveal scan, both my pregnancies were done on 21 weeks instead. 2nd baby (2022) 31 Mar - Detailed scan (gender reveal) @ ADC 21w ($150.62) 1st baby (2020) 11 June - Gender Reveal @ ADC ($131.36) 21w3d

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hi 👋 just did the detailed scan. if just the scan only is $48😊

3mo ago

can just go to the clinic and request for scan only?