kkh subsidised or private

hi mummies! any advice on this? i plan on going on the subsidised route and then switching to a fixed gynae (private) nearing my edd.. i'm currently pregnant with twins so trying to reduce cost, but would prefer a chosen gynae at delivery! thanks in advance!!

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would suggest private cause you can choose gynae /doctor to stick with you through your pregnancy till give birth if subsidised then please expect the doctor/ gynae will change every check up (if lucky can see them 2 -3 times only)

I did just that. Best to book an appointment with your preferred gynae when you’re in second trimester as they can be fully booked quite quickly. I remembered having to wait almost 2 months for my first private appointment.

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thanks for that! any recommendation for a gynae in kk?

however if ur twins are considered as high risk would suggest you to go for private as the doc will stick with u.

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I think your plan is good. Start off subsidised then change to private later. Lowers your costs:)