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Hi all, I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I’m going through the route of KKH subsidised. I am considering to go to either KKH private/ Mount A. Any gynae to recommend? I’m comfortable w both female/female. And seeking for a gynae w reasonable charges. Thanks!

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I'm with Dr Adrian Tan from ACJ clinic at Mt A now and for my first was Dr Caroline Khi also ACJ. There are 4 OB there, the other 3 are ladies and most popular would be Dr Joycelyn Wong. Her schedule is more packed, harder to get appt with her. Both Dr Adrian and Dr Candice have antenatal packages from wk 20 onwards :) As there are 4 of them they can cover each other if ur main OB happens to be away during ur delivery and you don't have to find another gynae from other clinic.

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I consult Dr Benjamin Tham in TMC. I like him and I think for private his rates are reasonable. U can check it out

3y ago

Do you mind share with me details on the rates?

Dr Tony Tan at Mt A is wonderful.