How often do you feed your baby?

Hi mummies! May i know how often do you feed your baby? Mine is currently 9mo and im feeding her once per day, is it too little? Im feeding only once cos baby doesnt enjoy food. It is very difficult to feed her as she refuses to open her mouth and even when i finally manage to put the food into her mouth, she will use her tongue to push out and then start crying. Started solid since she was 6mo but no improvement at all. Quite worried that she is not getting enough nutrients. Any tips? 😭 #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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2 or 3 times a day, I start to feed him around 5 mos, did u try giving him fruits? Sometimes baby will eat more if they like the taste of their food my baby when he doesn't like the taste of his food he will turn his head away n cry but if he likes the taste esp, fruits like mango, kiwi, banana and grapes he will eat more he likes tasty food, just be patient feeding and entertain him or show him u eat same food as he eats, u can also give him different food every meal like morning give him cereal, afternoon mashed potato with egg, evening some veggies like broccoli n mashed fish as baby sometimes tends to get bored with what they eat esp. if we keep repeating it

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I feed my baby Lunch only before 1yo. some snack in between. because my baby eats quite a big portion. you can make some dish more taste maybe your baby will be keen. like fish Porridge, potatoes with Vege etc. you can check out my IG @mummyjlife for more ideas. another reasons for baby to reject food is they don't like that food or they are sick with it. but no matter what milk is their main food before 1yo. don't worry too much!

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Hi what are you feeding her?

3y ago

I feed cereal or porridge with fruit/veggie