Boosting appetite

Hi, any idea how to increase the appetite for baby under 1 years old? I faces a challenges feeding my daughter, sometimes she reject foods even though the food I gave her is the same with what she eat yesterday.

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sometimes its because of textures. theres was once i gave my baby mashed up potato. he refused and didnt wanna eat. so i added some cooked salmon mashed into the potato made it into finger food and bake it. he prefers that instead. there are also times where he didnt want finger food and i had to mashed them up or come up w something else spontaneously. try introducing new food to baby. but watch out for allergies when you do so.

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11mo ago

Thank you, maybe i will try to gave her without blend.

Super Mum

Hey mama, If she’s still taking milk, don’t get too worried. Her main staple for now should still be milk. Some children don’t take to solids too quickly and we just have to take our cues from them. If she has favourites perhaps you could come up with different blends around those favourites? Just a suggestion :)

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11mo ago

Thank you so much mommy! 🥺