First 2 weeks newborn showering

My mum wants to do confinement for me but has fear of managing newborn infants for the first 2 weeks as infant tend to be very soft and vulnerable. Is there any tips around it? Will the mother (me) or husband be able to do it ourselves if we go for pre natal courses to get educated on how to shower them? Or, is there a possibility of outsourcing it by getting a nurse to help just for the 2 weeks? If so, anyone has contacts to recommend? Thanks!

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you can just use wet towel and wipe down the body. usually before you get discharge by hospital they already bath the baby, so they already clean. For myself i bath my baby in basin only wash her private bath and backside with warm water and her upper body i wipe only.

6mo ago

Ok thanks! You can learn how to shower newborn with this video shared by SingHealth. We learn it through watching the video.

6mo ago

Thank you

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As you are going through confinement, my advise is minimal water. Get your husband to help. Can go for pre natal class under Dr Wong Boh Boi.

6mo ago

Thank you 🙏🏽


i just wipe in first 2 weeks before the umbilical cord dropped