Swaddling of baby

my mum mentioned to keep my baby swaddled even during hot weather. is it recommended?

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I never swaddled my baby since she left the hospital! Sg weather so hot dont understand people that ask to swaddle the baby like as if we in winter country! No need to swaddle if you dont see a need to! Either way baby will be the same not like will sleep better

2y ago

okayyyy thank you!!

It is actually depends on the baby whether he or she wants to be swaddle together with thier hand inside or not because some babies dont like to be swaddle like mine dont like to swaddle the hand inside

2y ago



swaddle is to prevent them getting frightened, its best to swaddle during the first 1month so that ur baby wont be get scared so easily. but of cos pls turn on fan or ac if swaddle.

Super Mum

depends.my baby doesn't even want to be swaddled. the weather is really too hot, remember to on fan/ Aircon if swaddling.

Must on the fan. But I don’t swaddle my baby anymore after 1 month Cus she will fuss.

2y ago

yes the fan is on but my boy keeps sweating 🥵

only during sleeping at night