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Hi, i'm not sure if many of us realise that the weather in sg is hot. Unless some of us has a aircon at home, but during the night i feel quite hot eventhough already switch on to the highest number, i'm now 6 months plus pregnant is it ok to shower at night roughly 9 pm and above? Old people mentioned, pregnant mum not good to bath in the middle of the night.. just need some advise. As we live in the different Era. Thank you.

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I feel you! I am all along afraid of being hot. I too have my aircon switched on but i am always feeling so hot that i sometimes sweat 😂 Just recently i woke up in sweat! And i am only 16 weeks plus then 😑


I shower n wash hair everynight before sleep cos too hot. Just remember to blow dry ur hair before turn on aircon, blow with warm temp

I shower every day ard 9-10pm. It's fine for me even doing it during confinement but i made sure tt water not too cold.

Just do it. I did shower at 12am too. I'm 3 weeks post partum today & doing perfectly fine. My baby is fine too.

Its fine ba.. jus dun wash hair to catch cold