Hi Ms Kang, as a first time mummy without proper knowledge in handling and storing breastmilk, I will really wish and appreciate that you can address my following questions: I dont latch my baby so do we also require to feed on demand for bottle feed baby? I usually pump every 3 hourly however at certain time of the day (i.e. attend to baby etc), my pumping interval will drag to 4-5hr. Will it affect my milk supply? For milk taken out from the fridge, I use traditional way of warming it (i.e. pour hot water in a bowl and soak the milk bottle). Will this destroy the nutrient of the breast milk? After warming, how long the breastmilk need to be consumed? How long can breastmilk be left in a room temperature & air conditioner room respectively? If baby has consumed the breastmilk from bottle and cant finish, how long does the remaining milk need to be consumed? How long do we need to consume the breastmilk if i put in insulated bottle (i.e. pacific baby 3-in-1 bottle)? Description indicate that the bottle can keep the milk warm up to 6hrs. I was told we should pump 10-15min for each breast. Can we exceed more than the advisable timing?

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Hi, am not sister Kang but I may be able to share some info. Feed on demand is like when baby cries for milk, you feed but since you say u bottle feed baby, would suggest you to pump every 3hrs to maintain your milk supply. It is always advisable to pump at fixed timing so that a signal can be sent to the body to produce milk. It will not exactly kill the nutrients but do take note that it should not be boiling water. Just lukewarm water would be ideal. After warming up, needs to be consumed within an hour. To me, so long as breastmilk is warmed up, need to consumed within 1 hr, Discard any leftover milk. As mentioned, for all breastmilk, so long as it is warmed up, MUST be consumed within 1 hr else please THROW away to avoid having bacteria infection. FOr pumping, usually will pump abt 15 mins for each breast and it is usually enough unless your milk supply is alot and you may require longer time.

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Hi! May i know why it should not be heat up using hot boil water? I store the milk in freezer so Usually i pour hot boil water into the bowl for heat up