When do you inform friends about pregnancy?

Most people will wait until 16 weeks. Can you guys share when did you guys inform friends and relatives about it? :)

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It depends on your situation and preference. Mine is an IVF baby, so everyone is aware that I am going to be pregnant. We only shared with the intimate family and friends around week 8.”, because they asked us. Friends at work spotted it in around week 10 because my bump is pretty obvious. My gynae told me that we can decide when to announce, but if people ask, we have to say “yes”.

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i only inform my parents and siblings. the rest sooner or later only i tell them. i hide my pregnancy til i gave birth. hehe. i didnt inform any outside friends as ykno some people might be toxic. i told them when i was 8 weeks pregnant as i was ttc for 5 years.

We shared only with our close family and friends when my hub and I feel that the pregnancy is quite stable like 5 months lol. It depends on your comfort level. Usually people will share after 3 months :)

It’s really up to you Mommy!! :) Mine I announced after my 2nd checkup which I am 10 weeks pregnant. But my OB advised to announce after 12weeks, so the baby is perfectly safe and intact. :)

I informed my colleagues immediately. because I work at a physically taxing place and needed compassionate understanding from my colleagues cus I was puking the whole day. 😅

Informed our parents after getting confirmation from the doctor at 5 weeks. To our friends after 5 months or so.

really depends. most ppl i know share after 3 months.. i 8 months now and only our parents know 😂

It depends on individual. I inform everyone else except family after 4/5 months

At 5 months now and only family + closest friend is aware.