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hello, to-be mummies/mummies! may i ask when or how many weeks/months did you announced your pregnancy to your family,relatives and friends?

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think it really depends on individual comfort level.. for me, hinted my boss around week 8, grateful I did as I had very bad MS and keep mia at work hours.. mil urgently coming over during my bad MS so we told her around week 10.. my parents and colleagues after week 12 scan.. a handful of friends after week 13..

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To our parents, it was immediately when we found out that I was expecting. For very close friends, around 9-10 weeks, we started letting them know. Only intend to be open about it to the rest of our friends and relatives after 12 weeks.

we told our parents after we found out pregnant, to close friends is ard 12 weeks. didn't announce on social media as we intend to only announce it after baby is delivered.

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told boss around 6 weeks as i wanted to avoid carrying heavy things / running errands around. both side parents after 1st trimester. announced on social media 36 weeks

mine was in week 2/3 as I was having very bad morning sickness. ppl started asking so I just broke the news to them once it's confirmed 🤣

immediate family after second ultrasound at 10 weeks. closer friends after FTS at around 14 weeks :)

Will be telling family after we get NIPT results, friends few weeks before due date.

i told my family after i went for my 1st ultrasound which is at 14 weeks :)

3 months for me, just immediate family☺️

20 wks, when we know the gender