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Just wanna share. Im 32 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. My boyfriend has been informed with a really bad news that his daddy's positive with Covid. The problem is that right before or maybe 2-3 days before his dad got positive, he was with him at that time for a simple bday or fam gathering before he came home to me. So that's why he decided he'll be isolating or be quarantined for maybe a week or two. It's too hard for me this time, I know he's doing it to make sure first that he won't be harming me and the baby just in case he got sick as well. But its breaking my heart without him here😢😢 I'm too much attached to him now that I'm pregnant like I always want his smell, face, touch and presence. I want our baby to look like him and have his light brown eyes too. I know I should be strong. But at the same time I can't explain how hard it is, plus I'm also super worried for him getting sick coz.. No way!!! Ican't stop crying whenever I miss him. Anyone in the same situation? #pregnancy #firstbaby

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I'm in the same situation po. I know how you feel pero you have to try and control yourself from crying a lot kasi it has impact on your baby boy. Twing namimiss ko sya, knakausap ko si baby pero lalo akong naiiyak 😅lalo nung 1st week pero un nga, we need to be strong for our baby. Pinagkaiba lang may husband tested positive and got really sick pero buti ako nagnegative. He's doing better now and mtatapos n quarantine nya in 7 days. Super video call kmi ni hubby para mbawasan lungkot ko. Laban tayo momsh and pray po. Will pray for you too. ❤️

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