Rejecting milk

My 27 month old toddler recently is rejecting his milk. Previously he drink in school 250ml and reject the milk at night. But night he only want to drink 125ml of milk in school and none at night. Is that okay for his age to consume so little milk a day? What can I do to let him drink milk again?

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Super Mum

It's ok. Milk is still important for their development but it's no longer the star of the show. My 28month daughter only drink 1 cup of milk per day. Just make sure he eats his solid well. Continue to serve iron rich food like fish, meat, beans etc

My son refused drinking milk at 2 years. I was make sure to give him other dairy food like yogurt , butter , cheese

It’s okay! Milk is a supplement at this age. Can increase other dairy product or high calcium food!