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Hi Moms and Dads, This is our first pregnancy. Our pregnancy due date is 4th sept and just passed due date but no signed of baby arrival. Anyone experienced this? My wife is keep worrying and having tension of no arrival baby on due date. Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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Hi... your gynecologist will suggest to induce baby if it passes 41 weeks. Don’t worry. Maybe you can talk to baby and tell him/her that you’re all anxiously waiting for his/her arrival. I’ve heard from my friends that it works.

Its okay.. Tell her to njoy the pregnancy while she can My first child was 2 weeks early My second child was 2 weeks late Every child is different so just go with the flow

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When was your last gynae check up? At this point your gynae would be monitoring quite actively like once a week. If need be then gynae will suggest to induce.

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Hi. My due date is 04SEP19. My baby is still not out yet. Not to worry. Consult your gynae. Gynae will know what's best for your wife.

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Dont worry!!!its quite normal to b late sometimes a week,but i was induced as my baby was big your Gynae should guide you accordingly

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Not to worry. Your gynae will advise you

Dont worry! Gynae will guide you along

Your doctor will advise accordingly.

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions, Our family has been blessed with a baby girl so pretty and cute.

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Omg congrats!!! ❤