low Hemoglobin level during pregnancy

Hi Mommys, I am 27 weeks pregnant and last week my all tests are done where I found out my HG level is 9.8 and thats why my Dr. Increased iron tablets, now i am taking 2 tables. I am already eating beet root,apple, pomogranate,almonds,walnuts from 3 months but still it came low..is there anything which can help to increase my HB level naturally?

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I only take this and increase my beef intake and all is great

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Spinach soup

Hi, Please have lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet. That should show you good results in HG levels

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Green leafy veggies...

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Spinach! And other green leafy vegetables

U can have vegies.. Usually dark green leafy vegies are a good source of iron. Spinach broccoli bittergourd are good sources

Find chicken heart. Usuly malay stalls have it. Or u can find it at wet market usually malay stalls selling meat, chicken and etc. Its good. I have very low hemoglobin too i use to eat my iron tablet given doctor. But i eat the chicken heart all normal.

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12mo ago

Well thats the only thing that i know can boost ur hemoglobin. Im not sure about supplements or vitamins.