mommy, last time what you've said to me is really hurt. you wont me, don't you? i know i had no father because you was raped 23y ago, but if you dont want me why you didnt do an abortion? and then you forced me to married because ive bad enough to you, causing many problems that i never know whats wrong with me.. im just seeking your attention because youre always given love and cares to my sisters and brother, not me. now, i had a problems youre also blamming on me. why you just can't help? oh your words about "i should have not give birth to you 23years ago" i s p r e t t y h u r t

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After read ur story i can felt ur sadness...I know it so hard but i believe u are strong enough .May God will open ur mom's heart one day..God Bless You my dear...My hug for u

sabar ya dear ... yg penting percayalah Tuhan tetep sayang kamu unconditionally ❤ semoga kamu tetep tegar dan menjadi semakin baik semakin mandiri.. keep doing positive thing ❤

3y ago

thankyou anyw for your angel heart ❤

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sorry to hear that 🙁 wishing you a happy life, sist

3y ago

thankyou, i wish you had a happy life too ❤