Blessing Manual Breast Pump :)

Hi Mommy's! I'm giving away this AVENT manual Breast pump to whoever needs it :) I only use it for less than 10 times then I change it to electric breast pump. It's perfect condition! Always sterilize before and after each used. I bought it last year September. Only "pump body and 125ml bottle" is inside the box (as shown in the picture), the rest excluded :) any Mommy who wants this blessing please leave a comment below :)

Blessing Manual Breast Pump :)
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Sorry Mommy's.. I've given away the manual Breast pump to the first mommy who commented that she wants it 😊thank you all mommy for having interest in the breast pump 🥰 I may upload other blessing items in the months to come, so to bless those mommy's who really in need of it ♥️

Hi Mommy's! I will list this manual Breast pump till end of March.. after which I will throw away cos keep too long I find the quality won't be so good (any parts that are made of rubber might be in poor condition). Thank you mommy's :)

Hi sis, can i know where to collect ?

hi may i know where for collection? :)

2y ago

sent you a text :) as i couldnt find your WhatsApp


Hi,where your location?tq

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Thanks for blessing!

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