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Any mommies who only give formula milk for newborns? How is the baby growing? I kept having engorgement once in awhile and baby doesn’t latch on me so it’s quite painful. Thinking if it’s ok to switch to formula milk instead as it can be quite tiring for me in the long run.

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Yeah totally fine! My 4 kids are formula fed since birth, only latch on once a while when I'm engorged. They're fine and healthy. No problem with their health and they rarely fell sick. My 5th is a mix feed baby since birth. He's a premature and an NICU baby. I ditched the pumping since 2 mths ago. So exhausting in the long run. But he nurses well.

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10mo ago

Latches. He's still a mix feed baby till today. He prefers direct latch to ebm cos I have high lipase milk and he hates the taste. Probably your baby's latching is incorrect that's why the pain. If correct latching does not feel painful at all. But formula is also fine. Trust me i have 4 fm fed kids. And many mums also chose fm when they can't bf.