He gave formula instead

Im feeling at my worst, how do i overcome this. I just gave birth few days back. Im having problem with breastfeeding my baby directly as she just wont latch on. But i managed to pump the milk and bottle fed her. So i finally get to pump out the most milk, standby for my baby while she's asleep. I was in the toilet when my baby wake up for milk, and when i came to see my husband feeding her formula milk instead of the one i prepared. He throw away my milk thinking that its wasnt warm up and been there too long. It breaks my heart. i been crying non stop. it wasnt easy pump out and it was tiring. I feel like a failure.

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Hello. Sorry that you’re feeling down. It’s normal to cry but hope it’s not excessive crying, otherwise you gotta inform your gynae about it, talking to friends might help too. Chatting here is also an avenue for you. :) Good that milk supply has kicked in for you, it’ll be even more later :) I’m wondering if your hubs is aware on the importance of feeding newborn with breastmilk and breastfeeding? Does he panic when baby starts crying and just sort for the easier solution? Honestly, the last thing to do is to panic, baby can sense the anxiety by parents also. There are many ways to store breastmilk and can be consumed safely when stored properly. Can read this as guidance, quite informative https://www.healthhub.sg/live-healthy/1141/pregnancy-feeding-your-baby-breastfeeding I’m first time mummy to a newborn since Feb. To me, introducing formula is okay but cannot disregard breastmilk totally because breastmilk and breastfeeding is still the best at this juncture (eg develop positive bonding between you and baby, it gives you a sense of satisfaction when you know baby is drinking, and many more benefits)

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Sometimes you need a third party (eg your parents/ in-laws/ nanny) to help you. When baby cries, it can be overwhelming for both you and your hubs. You need to rest and recuperate first before doing the things you want. You’re not a failure, you’re just learning from your experience which will in time make you stronger and confident! Good to talk to him and be on the same page. All the best!

Why are u feeling like a failure! Dont be! My hb once spilled my milk and got a scolding from me. I also heartpain the milk we have pumped out! Let him know so that next time he doesnt do so? My ger also dun latch last time n she is super impatient.