Need suggestions for Formula milk

Hi mommies, which formula is a best starter for newborns? I thought of trying either NAN optipro HA.1 or S26 gold. Will they cause constipation etc? Any other recommendations?

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Initially I used similac for my LO.. he was having difficulty to pass motion.. so I changed it to nan optipro.. he’s drinking well n pooing well too.. ☺️

2y ago

That's good to hear :)

Don’t think there is any best formula because it all depends on how your baby accept it. For reference I am using NaN optipro and have no issue.

I'm supplementing with nan optipro and no constipation for my baby thus far. Didn't go for HA version cause I think the regular one is fine.

2y ago

That's good, alright sure👍

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I hear Nan is good. Not so sweet as it tasted closes to breastmilk. S26 helps for weight gain.

2y ago

Yes that's right, thank you so much :D

Im using NAN optipro for my new born. he is doing fine. stools are soft too...

it depends really.. my CL gave my newborn Grow fm before i can start my bf.


Nan is the one that's is most similar taste like bm

2y ago

Sureee. I'll take note, thanks.

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Im using enfagrow. So far no issue :)

2y ago

Okay ill take note :)

Dulac( NUH nursery wards used it)

2y ago

Ohk I'll check it out :)

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NAN is closest to breastmilk