I read that NAN formula milk is the closest to breastmilk. However, there are a few types of NAN formula available, NAN Comfort 1/Pro 1 Gold/Optipro HA 1 Gold. Any advice on which I should get? Bb is 10wks old.

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It is a challenge to find the right formulae milk for little precious babies. It will be good to seek advise from pd. The challenging part is there are no sample packs for stage 1 and is usually expensive to buy whole tin from supermarket but baby is rejecting. Best is to speak to Nestle consumer at 800 601 1633 as they are the experts in their own products. Hope the info helps.

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The main, most common one is NAN Optipro 1 - the others are basically just different mainly because of their manufacturing countries. HA formula are hypoallergenic ones specially formulated for children with cow's milk allergy - if your child does not have that, please do not use HA because it's bitter (not pleasant to taste) and might cause other issues.

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I had the exact same experience too, I didnt know which one to get. I stumbled across this article which was pretty helpful: http://sg.theasianparent.com/the-6-best-infant-formulas-shopping-guide-special/ You'll have to click into the gallery!

Yesyes! For. Start try the normal Nan Optipro first. Dont go to HA if ur bby dont have such problem hege

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I actually prefer aptamil or enfa over nan. Think closest to breast milk is just a marketing fallacy

4y ago

I also prefer Aptamil or S26!

Taste of Nan is not as sweet as other milk. That is why most say is closest to breast milk.

Mine used to be on Similac before I switched to Friso as it’s better for digestion.